oh hi

oh hi

My name is Emily. I am an Aries sun, Libra moon, Virgo rising, and a maker of things.

I am inspired by forgotten, lost/ found objects, imbued with an energy from their past-life.  I liberate these pieces and rebirth them into new materials, like porcelain, new purposes, new existences. I find the tension between intention and waste fascinating, the conversations surrounding what and how we consume and abandon, and our awareness of this process.  Ultimately, I choose to explore our choices, our interactions, and our detachment through opportunities to reengage with relinquished objects, moments, and thoughts.

As an active feminist, I have begun to more thoroughly explore critical dialogues surrounding women's/minorities'/oppressed experiences. Currently, my main investigations concern the constructs that women are subconsciously and visibly directed to live and function within, including, but definitely not limited to: our self-perception; our understanding and definition of femininity and womanhood; what feelings we are allowed to validate; how we share or process our trauma or experiences; our bodies as a site of oppression; living with imbued fear and doubt; social expectations and pressures; powerlessness; invisibility or silence; etc.

feminist discourse | intersectional feminism | anti-racism and anti-prejudice | magical bodies | body dysmorphia | surrealism | magical realism| abstrac bodily experiences | anxiety and depression | women's bodies as sites of oppression and social construction of femininity | concrete | construction sites | abandoned lots | unexpected text art | visual and tactical collision of materials | minimalism | human condition/connection | perception of the norm | waste, materiality, obsoletism, entropy | profound emotional unfolding through mundane interaction | mindful sitting | learning forever | eating out | reading slowly | being in bed | avoiding social media platforms
spiders | drowning | rabbits | snot | outer space

emily carr university of art and design | 2010 - 2013 | BFA                             
bachelor degree in Visual Art, concentration in ceramics and print

university of british columbia | 2013 - 2014 |BEd                                         
bachelor degree in Secondary School Visual Art

simon fraser university | 2008 - 2010 | contemporary arts program