oh hi

oh hi

My name is Em/Emi/Pem. I am an Aries sun, Libra moon, Virgo rising, and a maker of things.

Part of my practice (more functional) is inspired by forgotten, lost/ found objects, imbued with an energy from their past-life.  I liberate these pieces and rebirth them into new materials, like porcelain, new purposes, new existences. I explore tension between intention and waste, the conversations surrounding what and how we consume and abandon, and our awareness of this process.  Ultimately, I choose to explore our choices, our interactions, and our detachment through opportunities to reengage with relinquished objects, moments, and thoughts.

Otherwise, from the lens of an active intersectional feminist, I use ceramic to investigate and capture the fragile, dynamic, and rigid nature of the body as a site of oppression, memory, mystery, process, and liberation. Through sculpture and installation, my work seeks to expand the understanding of, or make visible, the surreal, metaphorical, and embodied experiences of identifying self, trauma, queerness, otherness, oddness, and magic.

Other considerations: the ways in which certain bodies are coerced and oppressed to live and function; disrupting colonialism, relinquishing control; self-perception; expansion, liberation, and intersection of femininity, femme, masc, queerness, gender, race, ability, etc.; what feelings are granted validation; how to share or process our trauma or experiences; bodies as surreal experience; living with imbued fear and doubt; power/lessness; visibilty, metaphor for understanding and ownership.

feminist discourse | intersectional feminism | queerness | anti-racism and anti-transphobia | magical bodies | body dysmorphia | surrealism | magical realism| abstrac bodily experiences | anxiety and depression | women/queer/POC bodies as sites of oppression and social construction of gender | concrete | construction sites | abandoned lots | unexpected text art | visual and tactical collision of materials | minimalism | human condition/connection | perception of the norm | waste, materiality, obsoletism, entropy | profound emotional unfolding through mundane interaction | mindful sitting | learning forever | eating out | reading slowly | being in bed | walking

spiders | drowning | rabbits | snot | outer space